Here's How Helpmeet U Works

Informational Video*

*This video must be viewed before you enroll!

At the end of this short video, continue watching to access the link to enroll in Helpmeet U.

Information & Costs:

  • Enrollment Cost: $200 & it includes the following:

    • Quarter One Coursework (4 lessons with self-checks at the end of each)
    • One, 50 minute online session with a Certified Helpmeet Coach at the end of the Quarter
    • Quarter completion timeframe of 2-4 months
  • Quarter 2: $125

    • It includes 3 lessons with self checks
    • Your second 50 minute online coaching session
  • Quarter 3 & 4: $75 each

    • Each quarter you will take 3 elective lessons. They will be chosen based on your individual needs and the revelation received from Q1 and Q2 Helpmeet Coaching sessions.
  • The Additional Perks of Enrolling in Helpmeet U:

    • Private Helpmeet U community Facebook page 
    • Exclusive invitation to quarterly impartation gatherings in various cities
    • Priority access to GYM events
    • Exclusive access to past GYM webinars
    • $50 off the enlisting fee for the Helpmeet Army mentoring program (if applicable)
    • Discount on future Helpmeet Webinars